AIGA 2023 Design Conference Poster Set
InDesign & Photoshop
For this project, I created a promotional campaign for the upcoming AIGA "REASSEMBLE" conference in New York City on October 12-14th. The event is meant to bring graphic designers and members of AIGA together to share their passions and insights. To incorporate the theme of "reassemble" and the idea of putting something back together,  I used expanded imagery of the parts in electronic devices. To make all the posters consistent, each has the same white and red color pallet but overlays with different devices and typographic systems. I chose these colors to catch people's attention, whether walking, taking the train, or biking through New York City.  The rearrangement of letters is used to emphasize the theme of "reassemble" as well.  These posters can be used for print and digital platforms.  
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