Limited Edition Illenium Record Set
Professor: Dan Vlahos Graphic Design 2
Software Used: InDesign & Photoshop
For my Graphic Design 2 class, I created a multi-component limited edition vinyl record album set. The instructor asked students to pick an artist of their choice and then conceptualize and design a prototype version of a record set that included a record box, record sleeves, and three vintage record labels. I chose to create the designs of the record sleeves and box based on the persona of the DJ, Illenium (Nicholas Daniel Miller). Illenium is a popular American DJ and producer whose existing branding themes encompasses the metaphor of the phoenix bird. I decided to carry out and extend his idea of being reborn from the ashes. Thus my set incorporates flames and ashes. Along with the representation of the rebirth of a phoenix, I also decided to further explore his futuristic themes by using a more contemporary typeface.

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