Senior Capstone Project: REBUILD Magazine
Adobe InDesign & Photoshop
As the human population continues to grow and the environment continues to be impacted by human activities, it is increasingly important for us to build sustainable homes for the future. Sustainable homes are energy efficient, use renewable materials, and take into consideration the environmental impact of their location. In short, building sustainable homes is essential for reducing our carbon footprint and slowing climate change. Not only do these homes reduce the amount of energy and resources used in construction and operation, but they also reduce pollution levels and improve air quality. They are also more cost-effective. Ultimately, sustainable homes will help create a healthier, greener, and more sustainable future.
 For my Senior Capstone project, I published a sustainable architecture magazine called REBUILD. This magazine will consist of 24 pages and will include content highlighting the impacts of climate change and the benefits of sustainable design in homes. It will also have information on different methods and materials to use to make your home eco-friendly and resistant to natural disasters. There will also be a feature highlighting four different homes across the world that are sustainably built and also resistant to certain natural disasters. I aim to provide visually appealing visuals in combination with relevant content in hopes of providing information to architects or others who just wish to learn more about sustainable design.
Rebuild will be a magazine that continually explores how to make a new house or existing home more efficient and safer from the threat of natural disasters.
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