Roger Center Exterior Banners
Graphic Design 3
InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator
At the end of 2022, my classmates and I were tasked with designing the exterior banners of The Rogers Center, located in the center of Merrimack College. At the Rogers Center for the Arts, creative minds are dedicated to making life as flavorful as possible, with season after season of plays, musicals, galleries, and more. Our mission was to provide stimulating, artistic, and friendly banners that support the creation of both visual and performing arts, enriching the cultural fabric of Merrimack College. 
Specific imagery was used on 4 of my banners to visually display the different VPA departments: ART, MUSIC, THEATRE, & DESIGN. Drawing on the rich history of Merrimack College, I extracted the cross fleurettes from the school seal and placed them in a nonuniform fashion across all 6 banners. Edits by my classmates and professor were made throughout the process. We also presented each concept to the Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.
During the spring of 2023, my final concept was approved by Merrimack's Marketing Department and put on display.  
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