The Strand Bookstore Rebrand
Adobe InDesign & Photoshop
For this student project, I rebranded a popular bookstore, the Strand. The Strand Bookstore is located in New York City and is named after a famous street in London where writers and publishers once thrived. Today, the Strand is the largest non-commercialized bookstore in NYC. The Strand opened up in 1927 and has kept its signage the same since. In order to tailor Strand’s brand image to accommodate younger audiences, their existing logo needed an update. This integrated brand identity will consist of a more contemporary logo design that can be used on digital and print platforms. With this new logo design, I will be using the existing color pallet, paired with an elegant, modern font. In addition, I have integrated a bookmark logo element that can be used for a variety of assets. The new logo is designed to elevate the bookstore to younger audiences while maintaining the relationship with their existing book lovers.
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