Ugly Lies the Bone Promotional Material
Merrimack College VPA
Professor: Dan Vlahos
Software Used: InDesign/Photoshop
The objective of this assignment was to create a visual design system and set of deliverables for the Merrimack College Department of Visual and Performing Arts production of, Ugly Lies the Bone—a 2015 play by Lindsey Ferrentino. My overall concept explored visually incorporating key details from the play without telling the whole story. As I did research on the play itself I began to pick out specific details and turn them into a single composition—using them as visual clues. I chose to include a rocket and palm trees because this play takes place on the Space Coast in Florida. These little details not only give a viewer an idea of where it takes place and that it must have something to do with space—but also serve as intriguing visual elements that pull the viewer in. The final deliverables for this project included a poster, a playbill program, and other promotional materials. I worked with Design Professor Vlahos and Theatre Professor Dr. Kathleen Sills on this project.
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